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Our Progress Update and Goals for January 2024

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We are so thrilled to announce our amazing progress from 2023! 
And the final cherry on the cake was to win the Best Charity category for the South in the Private Dentistry Awards! Phenomenal!
What a year and we are set to create even more of a buzz in 2024.
Our goals going forward for 2024 and beyond are:
🦷To donate £15k or more to children’s charities.
🦷Establish two partnerships with suppliers/groups. We are currently in initial conversations with a large corporate group of dental practices and this will be our focus for 2024 and beyond to gain support on a larger scale which in turn will encourage further investment in resources to help the charity grow.
🦷Continue to raise awareness on social media and aim for press releases in media local to top donating practices. If a practice knows of a local charity whose vision is in line with our aims and they would like to be considered for a grant, they are welcome to make a grant application.
🦷Perform ‘melts’ more regularly to create a more steady stream of cash to the charities. This relies on practices participating and patient’s being aware this is an option to donate.
Gold For Kids has huge potential to be part of a new wave initiative in dentistry, to recycle waste and return the benefits to the community.
Please tell your colleagues if you have donated to us and if you are yet to join the revolution, visit our Contact Us page and send us your details. 
Gold For Kids are helping children thrive.