Grant Applications

Applying for Grants


Our grants are here to help projects that really make a difference for kids and families in the UK who could do with a bit of a lift. Whether it’s tackling poverty, making sure families have enough to eat, helping them get the healthcare they need, or making homes safe and warm, we’re all about supporting those big-hearted efforts that aim to give every child a fair shot at a good life.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Who Can Apply: We’re looking for UK-based charities and non-profits that have a knack for helping underprivileged children and their families.
  2. Where It’s Happening: Your project needs to be all about helping people right here in the UK.
  3. Fitting In With Our Mission: We’re keen on projects that get right to the heart of fighting child poverty, sorting out food and healthcare, strengthening families, wellbeing, and making living conditions better.
  4. Long-Term Thinking: We love projects that aren’t just a one-off but have the legs to keep on running and make a lasting difference.
  5. Innovation: Got a fresh, clever way of doing things? We’re all ears, especially if it means doing more good in smarter ways.

Grant Applications

Here’s the deal with applying:

Application Form

It’s a Google Form, and you can access it below when you’re ready. Because it’s a Google Form, there’s no ‘save and return’ feature, so get all your answers ready BEFORE you fill it in to avoid losing your work.

What we need to know in the form:

  • Who you are, where you’re based, and a bit about your charity.
  • What your project is all about and how it lines up with what we’re trying to do.
  • Who’s going to benefit and how.
  • The details of what you’re planning to do and how you’re going to spend the cash.
  • A budget – we’re usually talking grants between £1,500 and £7,500, and we are happy to support full cost budget applications.
  • How you’re going to keep the good going after our grant has been spent.
  • A bit about what you’ve done before that’s similar.
  • How you’ll keep us in the loop on your project’s progress and success.

Application Process

Here’s how it works:

  1. Check You’re a Good Fit: Have a look at our criteria and make sure your project is a match.
  2. Get Your Application In: Fill out that Google Form we talked about and hit send. We gather all the applications up until the cutoff date for each cycle.

The Selection Shuffle:

  1. First off, we check you meet the basic criteria.
  2. Then, our grants committee takes a good look at what you’re proposing. They’re checking how well it fits with our mission, what impact it’ll have, and whether it’s got staying power.
  3. We score the applications and pick the top ones based on what’s available in the pot for that cycle.

The Big News: We’ll let you know the outcome a couple of weeks after our committee meets. If you’re in, you’ll get all the details on what comes next. If not, we’ll give you some feedback.

Keep Us Posted: If you’re one of the lucky ones, we’ll want to hear how it’s going with reports at 6 and 12 months. We might even pop by to see the good work in action.

Grant CyclesWe’ve got two cycles a year – starting 1 September and 1 March, but you can send your application in at any time.