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Gold for Kids donates £2000 to The Felix Project

Gold for Kids is delighted to announce it has donated £2000 to The Felix Project, London’s largest food rescue charity.

The Felix Project, which collects surplus food and delivers it to food banks, social kitchens, schools and day centres, is just one of the amazing new charities GFK has had the pleasure of accepting as a recipient charity.  

Jules Roberts, Donations Co-ordinator for Gold for Kids, said:

“We are so pleased to support this wonderful charity. It just goes to show what we can do when we collect waste products for a good cause. Here at Gold for Kids, we collect waste dental crowns and bridges and melt them down for cash. Meanwhile, The Felix Project collects good quality food, that would otherwise have gone to waste, for the people that need it most in the UK. It’s exactly the type of charity we are passionate about helping.”

Credit: Chloe Hall

Working with hundreds of charities and suppliers, The Felix Project provided food for an incredible 30 million meals in 2021 and their operation is growing quickly to meet the needs of the ever-increasing number of families falling into poverty as a result of the cost-of-living crisis.

Indeed, the Felix Project recently found that one in ten working families have less than £3 a day to buy food, after paying all their bills, and 170,000 people across the capital (14%) had to access a food bank for the first time ever to help them feed their families.

The charity is also supporting the Coronation Food Project, an initiative officially launched by King Charles on his birthday earlier this month, to support charities feeding the nation with unwanted food.  

Madeleine van Hilten, Head of Statutory Funding, Trusts and Foundations at The Felix Project, said:

“The Felix Project is extremely grateful for the £2,000 donation from Gold for Kids, which will allow us to deliver an estimated 5,800 meals to those who need it most. We know this winter is an especially hard time.  In fact, our recent research found that 1 in 4 working parents in London are regularly struggling to afford to feed their families. The donation from Gold for Kids will ensure thousands of children can have healthy and nourishing food on the table and be one less worry for people in need across the city.”

From suppliers to the tables of those most in need, this is how The Felix Project works:

  • Suppliers save their surplus food, which volunteers collect in Felix vans.
  • Warehouse volunteers sort food to meet different charities’ needs.
  • Volunteers deliver food directly to food banks, social kitchens, charities, schools and day centres.
  • People who would otherwise go hungry have delicious, healthy meals.

Gold for Kids is looking forward to continuing to help the Felix Project in the future with further donations.

If you would like to register interest in donating your unwanted crowns and bridges to Gold for Kids or if you would like to request a collection, please email

To find out more about The Felix Project, visit