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GFK Winter Melt is Happening This Week

Gold for Kids, which collects and recycles unwanted precious metals from dental waste, like old bridges and crowns, to raise money for children living in poverty in the UK, has announced that its Winter Melt is happening this week.  

Following its January 31st deadline, the charity received donations from 11 dental practices across the country as well as individual donations of jewellery.

Co-founder and dentist Leticia Casanova said:

“With £4.5 million children living in poverty in the UK, these donations mean everything, so a huge thank you to all of our supporters.  We really couldn’t do any of this without you.  

“Each crown or piece of broken jewellery may not seem much on its own, but together they mount up to create a big pot of money which goes towards improving the lives of these underprivileged children.  

“Feeding, clothing and shelter, providing dinners in the school holidays as well as counselling, education and training opportunities – these are all practical things your donations help fund.  And you can be assured that as soon as we know how much money we have raised we will let you know.

“Also, as we only melt twice a year, many dentists ask us if they have to wait until the melt deadline to send in their donations.  The short answer is ‘No’ you don’t!  We would love it if you could send them in throughout the year.  So as soon as your dental practice has collected 10 items, please get in touch to arrange a pick up.  Thank you.”

To donate your unwanted crowns and bridges to Gold for Kids or if you have any old, unwanted or broken gold, silver, platinum or palladium jewellery, please email for more information and to request a collection.