Small amounts make a huge difference

What we do

We collect precious metal from dental restorations and old jewellery, and turn it into cash for Children’s Charities.

Gold for Kids is helping Dentists & their patients to make a difference for children in need – simply, easily, effectively, transparently.

Millions of pounds of potential income for children’s charities is lost every year. At a time when the demand for services is higher than ever, many of these fantastic organisations, and the children they serve, are under threat.

Many Dental professionals are unaware of the huge potential that the combined value of removed restorations represents, choosing to either ignore it, or retain it personally.

We believe that patients, professionals and the public are united in the belief that this money is best used for the greater good – to help the many children’s charities across the country in their vital work.

Gold for Kids makes it possible for dental practices who are driven by their values to make a difference – collecting and turning restorations into cash for children’s charities.

How it works

We collect precious metal from dental restorations and old jewellery

The metal used in these restorations is insignificant when it’s only one piece, but it can quickly add up with the combined value of our partner practices across the country.

Our partners use our insured,  pre-paid envelopes to send their restorations and jewellery to our secure storage facilities.

This raises money

Every few months, we send the donations to a metal refinery to be processed . The melts recover the precious metals and turn them into bars, which are  then sold to leading jewellery industry traders for cash. 

Which we donate to children’s charities

As a registered charity, we can reclaim gift aid on donations from UK taxpayers, increasing their value by 20%.

We then donate the funds raised to a number of carefully selected local, national and overseas charities dedicated to improving the wellbeing and prospects of underprivileged children.